How Our Expert Witnesses and Office Team can Support You

Step 1: Requirements - We will identify what type of Report and Expert you require.

Step 2: Your Case - We will discuss with you the nature of your Injury and Claim and how we can assist you.

Step 3: Timescales - We will work towards timescales discussed with yourself and to ensure that we meet the agreed timetable for the Courts.

Expert Witness Services

Here at West Care Experts, we are proud to offer a team of accomplished Expert Witnesses, who cover all areas of the UK. Our Experts carefully examine evidence and use their professional opinion to prepare and deliver high quality, detailed, factual reports for Solicitors and Insurers on behalf of both Claimants and Defendants and when requested are able to undertake joint instruction.

From the beginning of the process, through to completion of each case, we endeavor to maintain an equitable service, to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome.

Even the most basic medical aids and equipment can mean the difference between requiring someone to look after you or living independently. Our Expert Witnesses use their experience, knowledge and assessment of the Claimant's needs, to identify aids and equipment that will promote independent living. The items recommended are then sourced and a full description and guideline cost is provided for reference, alongside any relevant information.

We Provide a wide range of Medico Legal and Personal Injury Reports, including but not limited to:

  • Quantum Reports
  • Loss of Services Reports
  • INA Reports
  • Care Reports
  • Occupational Therapist Reports
  • Aids and Equipment Reports
  • Case Management
  • Occupational Physician Report
  • Mental Capacity assessments
  • Liability Reports
  • Supplementary Reports
  • Screening and Overview Reports
  • Pain Management Reports
  • Critique Reports
  • Physiotherapy Reports
  • General & Colorectal Surgeon Report
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon Report
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